What Makes A Bond Strong Between You Two

There is always a room for perfection to reach amid culmination as modernity is an unending processKeeping this rule of nature in mind, one must not end up giving up feeding relationshipEmotional compatibilityintellectual chemistry and trust level never be subsided or marginalized. There is always a need to work on it. Relationships are volatile in nature. To keep the status quo continuous fueling of love is as important as a fuel to fire.

Emotional compatibility:

Emotional quotient outweighs intellectual quotient. All human Interpersonal dealings can’t be managed only by using i-Q. emotional bonding is stronger than the bonding which has been bonded based on mere logic and reasoning. It dried out life from the lifelove from the eyessweetness from the accents and kill the relationship cold bloodedlyDevelop emotional compatibility and try solving problems by keeping emotional part of you alive in you.

Spiritual connectivity:

Real love emanates not only from physical attraction but also from one’s soulMind to mind and heart to heart relation if bonded closely, are the best to rule for the rest. True love can never be devoid of spirituality.  Hearts are where love is, and love is where soul is. The link between the soul and the body should be in conformity with each other to keep the relation longer and eventful.

Intellectual chemistry:

Intellect level compatibility is necessary to celebrate life events. Both having the same intellect level to understand ups and down of life enhance the friendship between two partnersBeauty remains no longer but the understanding between the two does. So, mind synchronization should be the foremost thing to develop.

Trust level:

100% trusting someone is a difficult and challenging task to do. Risking your feelings by trusting on one other than your self will create apprehensions inside you. But in relationship it is a bet that everyone must make itTrust each other and build castle of love. If you feel that your trust will ever be shaken, then still you trust him/her because it is the demand of relationship. If it gets broken, then you will learn lesson and if it is kept then you will have a heaven on earth.


How much your partner is depending on you for every petty thing? If he/she have the smooth dependency, then it is a sign of existence of love. Create bearable dependency on each other it will never dry up love between the twoEach day would feel like the first day

Article Credits: Marriage Pakistan

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