Zaroorat-e-Rishta Is The Dire Need Of Every Household

The whole universe stands on the very foundation of the sacred relationship. It is not only a relationship between man and a woman but between two clans. Societal pressure and taboos are the other things which add complexities in making rishta in Pakistan. New technology played role as fuel on the fire and made the rishta process even difficult.

It was the old era where every woman and every man had to get married at the end even the handicap and the people with physical disabilities. But today even beautiful faces with intelligent minds are the victims of loneliness. Problems of rishtay are waxing in Pakistani society. Parents are facing problems regarding rishtay and marriages of their children specially of their daughters. If you compare today with past then there is a stark difference. People are more educated and, technology and facilities have sharpened people skills but still are the problems of right matches for shadi. Let’s find out what are the root causes behind finding Rishta which make it difficult a process.

Expectations are as high as kite on the sky:

People have built high chambers of hopes and expectations due to Bollywood and Hollywood partially and due to selfcultivated perceptions fully. They keep waiting for the perfection while ignoring the fact that under perpetual modernity there is no one who can reach to its zenith in the perfection. So, the simple solution is to brush off all the unreal hopes and must embrace the reality no matter how harsh it is.

Busy life style:

The more the technology is growing the more the human is getting busy. Hectic Life styles and tough routines have brought the humanity amid culmination where tiresome is making people sick and out of mind. The very psychological issues have blocked the way of easy marriages.

Choices are abundant

Moreover, People are getting various choices and different dimensions in Rishtay. So, they overlook one over another in search of better choices. The solution lies in satisfaction over what you have not what you don’t have. Choices are exceeding. Supply is increasing the demand. So, the results are what you are observing in this modern age regarding zaroort e rishta…..

Article Credits: Zaroorat E Rishta in Islamabad


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